All I Know

by Scott Riggan

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This project is a very personal one for me. With these songs, I’m raising some questions for which no one really has answers. I feel a lot like the psalmist, who alternates between ecstatic praise and forlorn lament. At times he fears God has deserted him, but in the end he takes courage from remembering His past faithfulness.

So for me, it all comes back to the cross. Does God care? Can He possibly know my pain, my hurt? Am I truly forgiven? When nothing else in my life makes any sense, it’s at the cross that I find perspective. All I know of love is what Christ demonstrated in His life and on that cross. Whatever else I may not understand, this is and will always be true: God loves me. In the end, that’s really all I know.
SPECIAL THANKS: My deepest love and gratitude to my brave and supportive family, Julie, Emily and Josiah.

Jason Collum (I could never have done this without you. Word.), Trevor Morgan, Mike Majett, Jade Hanson, Steve Lotz, Jimmy Jernigan, Thad and Shelly Beaty, Jonathan Hamby, Shane Martin, Peter Vaque and Springtree Media Group (, Bobby Marko for designing my website (, Randall Paulk, Ben Bauman, Lakeshore Christian Church, all of my peeps at Second Harvest Food Bank and everybody who pre-ordered this CD. Extra special thanks to the entire staff at Spinning Plates Music (you guys are so easy to work with, it’s almost like we are all the same person!).

Finally, to the God Who is big enough to handle all of our questions, wise enough to give us only the answers we can bear, and loving enough to have suffered on our behalf: we remember. May our praise be “a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.”


released October 1, 2002

Everything came together with the help of some very talented and generous friends: Trevor Morgan played acoustic and electric guitars (and braved the “sweatbox” when the AC went out in the studio). Jason Collum co-produced, played his Gretsch drums and did some programming. He also sang a little, played some keyboards and did one acoustic guitar track (not to mention busting the occasional move). Mike Majett laid down some tasty bass (and sang us an inspired rendition of “My Father’s Eyes” that for legal reasons won’t appear on this record or any other. Ever.). Jonathan Hamby took “Remember” to the next level with his keyboard playing (he also anointed “Like Incense” and “Never” with his Fine Vibe). Scott sang, whistled, played keyboards and melodica and prayed hard. Jade Hanson engineered at Springtree Studio (offering insightful suggestions like “make it a little mellower into the whatever”). We did some additional recording at Snap, Crackle and Pop Studios (engineered by Jason Collum with help from Sheer Luck). Steve Lotz engineered vocals and overdubs at Giddy Up. At Brown Sugar Studios, Shelly Beaty sang beautifully and Thad Beaty came to the rescue with some extra guitar on “Don’t Cry”. Shane Martin played acoustic guitar on “Don’t Cry” (and it was very prettily did). Jimmy Jernigan at Apollo 54 mixed and Steve Lotz mastered. Jason and Scott played racquetball. It was a good hang.



all rights reserved


Scott Riggan Boise, Idaho

"A musical home run . . . perfect for personal worship - songs with a theology of abandon that call us to give all we are to God." (Worship Leader Magazine)

“For those who are tired of Christian records that sound increasingly homogenized and mass-produced, Clouds & Fire is a balm from Heaven." (Christian Musician Magazine)
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Track Name: Like Incense
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

(Psalm 141:2)

How do I tell of all that fills my heart
Where are the words to testify
The sweetest of songs would tell of who You are
So I will let my praises rise

Like incense before You
A fragrant offering
When You bring me into the throne room
To stand before a King
I worship You – oh I adore You
I cannot help but sing
And I know my prayer is
Like incense

As I lift my voice I know that You’re listening
You love to hear me call Your name
So here in Your presence now I dare to speak
Offering You all of my praise

Rising from the temple of my soul
To Your heart – like incense
Track Name: Forgiveness
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

(Romans 2:4-b)

I thought I knew You as the voice of thunder
Under Your gaze I was afraid
I thought I knew You as the hand of anger
And there was nowhere to hide away

But Your hands – they are so gentle
And Your voice – it is so soft
And Your eyes are always on me

And this is what draws me to Your arms
It’s what I need to heal my heart
Never seen a love like this
Beyond any reason, through all of time
Your heart was reaching out for mine
With forgiveness

So undeserving, but You offered mercy
You could have turned me away
But You showed me kindness when I was unworthy
Came down from heaven – stood in my place

Thought I knew what to expect from You
But it wasn’t anything like this
You show me mercy, kindness
Love and sweet forgiveness
Track Name: Remember
Scott C. Riggan and Peter Vaque
© 2002 Pleasantview Music and Springtree Media Group, LLC (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

(I Corinthians 11:24-26)

We break the bread, we taste the wine
And every time – we remember
Your body torn, the blood that flowed
The love You showed us – we remember

We remember that You took our place
As You hung in disgrace
On that old rugged cross
For our sin drove the nails in Your hands
But forgiveness was part of Your plan
For a world that was lost
Track Name: Can't You Be Crazy
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

This one’s for Julie, Emily and Josiah. “Um, I’ll be done working in just a few minutes, and then I can come out and play, okay?”

Go get your raincoat
And meet me at the 3rd Street bridge
There’ll be a rainbow
And we could make a wish
Yeah we could stay inside
Where it’s warm and dry
But what fun is there in this?

Can’t you be crazy
Just for an hour or two
Let the wind untangle
What’s been choking you
See the smile of heaven
When the sun breaks through
And just be with me

Grab your umbrella
And race me to the corner store
Do you remember
What a lazy afternoon is for
I think that it’s high time
You learn to unwind
I’ll be waiting at the door

I don’t have any big plans
Just one afternoon
With nothing to do
Is all that I ask
All that I need
Is time with you
Track Name: Heal Me
words and music by Scott C. Riggan, Benjamin D. Bauman and Randy K. Thomas
© 2002 Pleasantview Music and I Love Lori Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

This is the way that You find me
Broken in pieces on my knees
My heart is a well that has run dry
Empty and cold inside

But You can heal me
Mend all that I have broken
Heal me
You’re all I have to hope in
There is no one else but You
Do what only You can do – heal me

This the place where I find You
When there’s nobody else I can run to
So take this fragile heart and then
Breathe life in my soul again

Driven to my knees, I have no choice but to admit
I don’t believe I’ll ever make these pieces fit
Track Name: All I Know Of Love
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

(1 John 4:10)

Your arms were stretched out so wide
The nails were driven so deep
Your eyes were brimming with tears
Your life was poured out for me

And this is all I know of love
That You carried the cross
That should have been mine
How do I praise Your name enough
You would have paid any cost
And that’s all I know of love

My heart would never come clean
My shame drove me from Your arms
Forgiveness was out of my reach
But You crossed the distance
And You captured my heart

To be with me
There was no line You wouldn’t cross
To be with me
You gave Your life upon a wooden cross
And this is all I know of love
Track Name: Answers Don't Come Easy
words and music by Scott C. Riggan
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

She’s putting away the baby clothes
There’ll be no child for her to hold
Not even a chance to say goodbye
And there aren’t any words to tell her why
She says “This is all I’ve ever wanted
This is the star I hung my hopes upon
Now all that I have are these empty arms”

“There was a time when I could bravely face the storm
Oh but answers don’t come easy anymore
Today, I can only trust
Your hands are strong enough
To hold me up
When answers don’t come easy anymore”

At a table for two he sits alone
Never dreamed that she’d be the first to go
He says “You turn around twice and years have passed
Now these memories are all I have
She is sailing over the horizon
But still I’m waving from the shore
And I’m wondering what I’m still here for”

We need You to hold us close
We don’t need to know the answers
We just need You near to us
Track Name: I Thought I Knew You
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and R. Jason Collum
© 2002 Spinning Plates Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

(Psalm 77:7-9)

I breathe a prayer and dare
To hope for Your reply
I know You’re there, aware
And so I wonder why
So much loss, so much pain
So are You listening?
So high the cost of losing faith
To wishful thinking

I thought I knew You

These threads have come undone
Belief unraveling
My faith is tangled up
While doubt is splitting out the seams
Make my wish to the sky
What will the answer be?
Silence is Your reply
And somehow I still believe

But I thought I knew You

And maybe it’s just me
But I can’t hear a thing
As hard as I try
Am I asking too much
To want You to just speak up
And tell me why?

I breathe a prayer and dare
To hope for Your reply…
Track Name: Never
Scott C. Riggan
© 2002 Spinning Plates Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

When we ask “why, God?” – this is His answer. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I will never leave you
Never will forsake you
Nothing here can take you from my hand
Let not your heart be troubled
In all of your struggles
This is all you need to understand:

I love you

Though you can’t see clearly
You are never alone
Track Name: Don't Cry (Goodnight Emily)
words and music by Scott C. Riggan and Benjamin D. Bauman
© 2002 Pleasantview Music (ASCAP)

This began spontaneously one night as a lullaby for my baby daughter (there were others, but ditties like “Little Sour Face, Emily Grace” were clearly not meant for anyone else to hear…).

Goodnight Emily
There’s so many things that worry me
But whatever comes
We’re gonna be alright
Goodnight Emily
Do you wonder what’s become of me
Give it a day or two
I’m comin’ back for you
And it’s, it’s gonna be alright

Don’t cry – close your eyes and I’ll be with you
Though I – I feel like I’m farther than the moon
Don’t cry – I know you know how much I miss you
But I’ll be home soon

Goodnight Emily
You’re so many miles away from me
But you’ve always been
Forever in my heart
Tonight, I’m wondering
Is this the way it’s gotta be
If it were up to me
We’d never be, we’d never be apart

Leave the light on for me
Leave the light on
Track Name: Love Called My Name
words and music by Scott C. Riggan, Benjamin D. Bauman and Randy K. Thomas
© 2002 Pleasantview Music and I Love Lori Music (ASCAP)
from the CD "All I Know"

I was the friend that denied You
Three times I denied You
When the third rooster crowed
And I, I handed You over
Thirty pieces of silver
Was the price of my soul
And there on the road to Damascus
I saw clearly what I was
When Your blinding light came

And love called my name
When I was lost
I had no hope
‘Till You spoke to me
You took away the shadows
That clouded my heart
I knew I was found on that day
When love called my name

I, I was the man who
Was washing his hands to
Hand over a King
And I said I wouldn’t believe it
Unless I could see it:
The scarred hands and feet
And I was the thief hung beside You
Deserving to die but
You shouldered the blame

I was the friend they had laid in the grave
‘Till I heard through the sorrowful cries
The voice that commanded the wind and the waves
Say “Arise, arise” – and love called my name
Track Name: I Love You Lord
words and music by Laurie Klein
© 1978 House of Mercy Music (ASCAP) Administered by Maranatha Music c/o The Copyright Company, Nashville, TN. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission.
from the CD "All I Know"

(Psalm 116:1-7)

I love You Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
Oh my soul rejoice
Take joy my King
In what You hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear